About Choices

I write to lift my spirits, share my innermost vulnerabilities and make an effort at communicating a complexity that might just be futile at best. Ah well, this girl will always be this girl. Until sheโ€™s not.


Thank you for never asking if we could meet one day. My days of meeting people from cyber space are long done.

23 thoughts on “About Choices”

  1. Thank for visiting my site. I donโ€™t really exist so no one can ever actually meet me. Botendaddy is an AI machine run amok in a computer in a forgotten closed off University Language Lab.

    Peace be the Botendaddy

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  2. Love your words and blog!! What? You meet people from outer space? Oh, no Cyber Space!! I think that might be even more scary!! I’m sensing you feel that way about it too!! LOL! No need to clutter up reality??

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