You’re my end. I’m you’re beginning. We are sea ice.

I stepped deep into the sea wearing a summer dress and sat on the stone staircase dripping wet. Always, I grow the most fevered storms. I now had a mouth full of ocean and I missed my books. But I missed you beyond the horizon and right over the edge of time.

There was us

and then there was only me and morning aches of two am reckonings,

where I couldn’t force my eyes or silence your echos.

You were a gateway drug

leaving a labyrinth of goddamn

all over the inside of my skin.

I’d move with the dawn wondering about everything and tripping on veins and cords strung everywhere. My heart was always going on about you and it was beheld in my unhinged willow eyes.

There was us,

then there was me,

and then there was you and I.

The fluid blue stare once more into my longing, those little delicate fleshy syllables between us grafted poetic and infused passion times two. The depth of your lower register spun sacred as your words reproduced pin pricks underneath a numb surface,

Your heart is savage

and your eyes never apologize

for the way they hold on to mine.

I couldn’t reconcile

being me living in a life that wasn’t yours.

Those pieces of you

that I had held in my teeth

were the only things that ever left me feeling whole.”


I wept without sadness but from holding my breath for too long. We belong in this iron cage of breath and bones, next to my mouth and these lungs that I call home. Put your thumb on my heart and press re-play.


26 thoughts on “You’re my end. I’m you’re beginning. We are sea ice.”

  1. Holy wow EC. This is superb. ‘always, I grow the most fevered storms.’
    ‘you were a gateway drug leading to a labyrinth of goddamn’
    🖤🤯 Heartbreaking, massive. I love this so very much

    Liked by 3 people

      1. My interpretation was surfaced I think. Seemed like a callback punctuated with poetry to me. You know put all your love on the line despite negativity and still fall to order. Here I fo being nonsensical again. Sorry. It was a great piece though.

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        1. I guess there are many interpretations for poetic things, well for all communication really. We can only assess based upon what we know and what’s gone on in our minds up until that point. So no worries.
          I mostly wasn’t sure how to answer your ‘huh?’ Lol

          It was written as a love lost and then regained. Sort of that simplistic in my brain

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  2. Beautiful words. I think this might be my favourite of yours so far.

    Reading this, I somehow feel like a child watching my balloon float away, wanting not another, but that one, longing for the piece of magic I had in my hands, just a moment before. Rewind time and let me hold it tighter.

    You evoke such emotion with your words, it’s a real talent.

    Liked by 1 person

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