A-wo-el’s Lamentation

Beautifully written, the richness of word arrangement and mental imagery provided by them impress me beyond expectation. Feeling fortunate that Stolzy included me a bit. ❤️

||skirmishes|| ||with|| ||reality||

How did Atlantis’ Fall, and the prospects of a strange new future civilization to the east, manifest to ones awake near the end?

She who is designated A-wo-el, meaning in the language1 half-song, half-telepathy which the exalted beings higher than humans understood, pervading luminous bestowing (of) dawn, perched consciously and often upon a precipice of dual nature.

The first was a precipice of space. This crag, this rocky place, pelted by the sprays of A-wo-el’s familiar seaworld. She had found it following her ears, swimming a hundred leagues eastward from her own home shores, seeking a faintly announced spot which was partly free of the turbulence and disharmony plaguing Atlantis so plainly that even the least seeing of her kind could now detect it, with trepidation. But what for them was a disturbing hollow rippling in their hari, was for clairaudient A-wo-el a tsunami churning within her navel…

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8 thoughts on “A-wo-el’s Lamentation”

    1. Hmmm. I hadn’t thought of that, David. I’d conceived of it more or less as a self-enclosed vignette. The boundaries of the idea I had when originally seeing the B&W foto are roughly the same as what I have written — a narrative to explain what the woman looking out to sea was preoccupied with.

      But, imagining further and incorporating some follow-on Rosicrucian elements, I could suggest a basic outline of a continuation. A-wo-el would re-incarnate somewhere, perhaps 1000 years later, having elected to unite with her people in their fate. Perhaps in what is now India.

      Manu was the leader of the Sun Oracle in Atlantis, located in the northern part of the continent. There were seven such oracles, each one a mystery center for bridging the gap between the gods and the Atlanteans according to different traditions or aspects of the truth. One oracle for each of the original seven ‘planets’ in astrology, before it corrupted. The Sun Oracle was the mightiest and center of them all. In essence then, Manu was the spiritual leader of Atlantis, but only a few followed or grasped his teachings. Before the flood, Manu lead a small band of candidates and mystery pupils northeast across to what is now Ireland, and from their on to the Eurasian landmass eventually to an area somewhere between current Mongolia and Uzbekistan. It was here that Noah met him with his people.

      The interesting thing, from the point of view of trying to write something, is that the people brought eastwards by Manu to seed a new cultural epoch were not, generally speaking, the wisest of Atlantis. Rather the humble but pure of heart were chosen, who could develop a sense of, or picture an imagination about the Sun as spiritual abode. These were also the ones forseen as more capable to incarnate even more deeply (than the Atlanteans could) into the ‘darkness’ of earthly reality. For it was only under earth conditions, still unfolding, that bodies could develop capable of total independence from the gods — a kind of freedom of thought, but physically occasioned. (As you can maybe guess, this freedom has now run amok and it is time to swing the pendulum back, but in complete individual freedom, without external coercion of any sort… and this change will require learning to utilize the tremendous and misunderstood forces which were loosed on Earth during the events of Golgotha). The other point, speaking of writing, is that the language and style would need to change. Because I tried to write in a way suggestive Atlantean thought processes in this piece. But they would be mere fuzzy memories in 9000, 8000, 7000 BC, etc. So a different style would need to be imagined.

      Thanks for indulging this detour to nowhere. 🙂 (since you asked).


      1. You certainly succeeded in conveying an
        otherworldly mindset, as from a bygone
        utopian era.
        By coincidence, Master Stolzy, l just flew
        over the Himalayan foothills, on the way to
        Kathmandu. The old gods aplenty are still
        venerated here.

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